Promote Business

You may not have wads of cash to spend on marketing in the early stages of your startup, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t effective ways to get your brand out there. Before the Internet, small businesses only had a few ways to market their products cheaply, through methods like printing out fliers or sponsoring little local events. Now there are all kinds of opportunities out there on the Web you just need to know where to look. We will assist you to promote Business on various way , like : local listing services, social media, blog, YouTube, Press Releases, online community etc . Contact with us for an appointment to discuss more with you.

Content Writing

Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms, such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit. Content writing is important for all types of different content formats, including: Video scripts, Email newsletters, Keynote speeches, Social media posts, Podcast titles, White papers ,Web pages, YouTube video descriptions , Press Release etc.
We have a strong team of Content writes who can assist you for your content writing needs.
( if you are a Content Writer, want to join us as a freelancer , can contact with us)

Personal Branding

Yours Personal and Professional journey through Rocket Media Network

This will be a minimum of 6 months and maximum of 12 months’ collaboration with you for writing 2 blogs per month. The service can be renewed if you’re happy with the progress.

The blogs will be written with an aim to provide with a 360° spotlight on you as an individual, your work, your products, offers, your dreams everything…the idea is to present you live in front of a wide Indian and overseas audience.

The blog links will be viraled in different networks and groups wherever I’m connected in India and abroad.
Leveraging various tools and platforms to build your Personal Brand.
Building your brand in the offline world through books, speeches, columns, networking etc.

Managing your reputation online.

Invitations in the future to talks, interactions, networking events and workshops.

Networking opportunities with industry experts on several creative “BUILD YOURSELF” activities.

Photography / videography

Rocket Media Network, we have a team of photographers, photo stylist and photo editors to ensure that the right story is portrayed in your imagery. Whether it be food photography, action photography, interior photography or social media content. We are constantly upgrading our photography equipment which includes drone, DSLR cameras, studio equipment and more, to ensure we capture the right photography for whatever purpose you need.
More than 200+ verified professionals available here to offers various photography services like traditional and candid photography, Videography, wedding album designing, photo album making, video editing, photo retouch, and more quality services at low-cost. Get custom quotes from the leading photographers in Kolkata, Compare prices & select the best one in your locality to make your occasions more special.
Video content has now become the most effective and efficient way to get your business’s message across. From creative fun and engaging content to documenting progress or activities at your business, we can help your company on an ongoing basis or develop content for specific campaigns.

( if you are a Photographer, want to join us as a freelancer , can contact with us)

SEO / Social Media

We have a team of pro SEO consultants who run a comprehensive website analysis to list out weaknesses & strengths of your website. For a successful SEO service campaign, it’s important to unearth that which elements of your site are successful and which ones need improvement. Using the best-in -class SEO tools, we analyze a website’s performance and make the proper adjustments.
The right type of social media content published on a regular basis can make a huge difference to your overall content marketing campaign. And when you find out that your social media posts can get crawled by search engine spiders and get indexed, things get better.
Our team of 20+ experts leaves no stone unturned to understand your requirements and help you increase business performance through our multiple digital marketing services.
We help your brand grow with in-depth insights, calculated strategies & impactful ideas.

Digital Vote Campaigning

Political digital campaigning has grown up of digital marketing. The focus is on identifying and mobilizing supporters.
Knocking on doors is a time-honored campaign ritual for election candidates. This makes for excellent photo opportunities, but it may not be the best way to build grassroots support these days. Even large rallies covered by traditional media — TV, radio, newspapers and magazines — may not cut it, particularly when it comes to reaching younger voters. Rocket Media Network team will assist you to create & manage your vote campaign on a high value. Contact with us for an appointment to discuss more with you.


Our consultant Team is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as business, education, law, regulatory compliance, human resources, marketing, finance, health care, engineering, science, security, or any of many other specialized fields.
Currenty we are working on NGO & Business consultancy feilds .


  • Club & Society Registration
  • Trust Registration
  • Company Registration
  • ISO Certification
  • NGO Schemes
  • MLM Consultancy Services

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an important tool that enhances how you communicate with other people. It serves to convey your ideas in a way that is not only effective, but also beautiful. Here are just a few factors to consider before investing in graphic design services. Good design makes you look good. Graphic designers are trained to be able to inform, persuade, direct, organize, entertain, and attract attention with their designs. They combine art and technology in order to communicate a message. They do this through the strategic placement of images and text.
We have a exprienced Graphic designers Team who can fullfill your requirment on below services :

  • LOGO Design
  • Corporate Identities ; Like : Letterhead , Visiting cards, Envelops Design , Brochure, Flyers etc.
  • Social Media Design ; Like : Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Animated Social Media Post, Blog banners, YouTube tumnails ,YouTube Channel Art, Facebook Post etc

Corporate Training

We offers some valuable Corporate training courses to get benefit your employees and achieve their goals. 


NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the most amazing and result-oriented human mind technology for excellence, wellness, happiness & holistic development. Nowadays, people from all domains like Professionals, Sportsman, Healers, Counselors, Business Executives & Individuals are using NLP to create desired resultsworldwide.

Technology:Handling the teenagers or young adults can be a tricky task indeed.One moment they’re insisting, “I’m not a child!” and the next they’re blubbering because you said they can’t have the newest gadget. It’s enough to make any parent throw up their hands. But don’t give up just yet!Scientists have actually studied teens and figured out a whole lot about what makes them tick so you can be better during these trying times. Teenology is for some surprising scientific facts about teens and some advice on how to talk to them and keep them from getting in trouble.

Stress Management:Once you realize what stress actually is and how it manifests itself in your life, it is much easier to gain control. Most of us experience stress because we feel out of control over a particular situation. While we may not always be able to eliminate the factor that is causing stress in our lives, it is possible to control our reactions to the stress. Stress Management is a technique intended to equip a person with effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological stress.

Network Marketing:Network Marketing is the wonder of the 21st Century. All over the world, it is appreciated to be the best non-traditional business to achieve life’s ultimate goals.

The Utmost Need of NLP

 Neuro-Linguistic Programming is better known as NLP, which plays a vital role in a student’s life, public figures and moreover the sportsperson’s career. This is the smartest way to encompass the productivity of human minds engaging in different fields.

With the Help of the NLP and our skilled life coach, Mr Kaushik Das, we are able to retain the positive thinking of a student who has already lost his (or her) goal due to some vital reasons (such as low marks, unhealthy parenting, lack of encouragement, etc).

What a student can learn from NLP?

  • Overcome procrastination
  • Stay motivated
  • Applying a memory technique
  • Remove stress and fear
  • Being more attentive

What a Sportsperson can learn from NLP?

There are many factors that influence a sportsperson’s form, the sporting ability that hardly depends on their fitness level, technical skills. Recurrently, it may happen due to some bad and unforgettable past memories that create obstacle in career improvement. With the help of accomplished life coach a sportsperson can overcome all his/her hurdles.

Brilliant Usage of Network Marketing

Network marketing is just another name of Direct Selling module which is a renowned process of building leadership through enhancement of the skill-developing system. In other words, the direct selling industry is all about “skill-deal-harmony” that is a multi-level progressive procedure to get satisfactorily wealth and financial security. Above all, getting the optimal success in the direct selling module, it is the foremost need to identify the existing leaders and after than support and help the mass.  This is the leader making procedure where the successful leaders step aside into the customers to make them one of the vital parts in the leadership business. Therefore, making leaders needs coaches or mentors who will teach the existing leaders the whole procedure. Generally, peoplewon’t understand how to make a result and to get a good amount of income after that. This is why the mentors are needed to pave the way.  They can bring into the hidden treasure into the light.

Things our mentor Mr Kaushik Das helps you in yournetworking marketing procedure

  • New Distributor Orientation Program
  • Profile Leadership development programme
  • 7 Rules of Success
  • MLM associates’ System Training

The Turbulence of Teachers’Training off

The core purpose is a teaching based procedure where the core priority is on mentoring. So, the mastery of teaching is required to manage the unwanted behaviours of students at home or in the classroom. Therefore, the thought developing process is very much important for both the students and the parents.

Mind Power

Personality Improvement & Interview Inherence

A huge achievement is the product of tolerance, preparation boldness, and brevity. One must train his/her mind so strongly that it no fear or anxiety can come between you and your goal. A smart behaviour and bold step in needed to make the mind strong enough. The mentor will help you to be firm in every situation. 

Professional Training for Behavioral Development

If you do not make an effective training design, it is tough to be productive in the learning training. One must design your behavioural session by a well-planned training which is a purely scientific process. This process should be learned through attitude building, mindset, and growing healthy habits. This training procedure will bring the “best of you”.

Sparkling Sales Skills

Your understanding of the field of sales will help you make a win-win situation. By empowering yourself, you will grab the art of negotiation, influencing and sales technique of seal and deal.

Corporate Capability and Prospectus

  • Building communication skill and growing flexibility
  • Time management insistency
  • Goal setting
  • Change management

  • Stress Management
  • Quality Management
  • Master of Leadership
  • Managerial Excellence
  • Self Management

All the mentioned training and the methodologies are designed by our life coach Mr Kaushik Das.

The procedures are so on-

  • Audio-visual technique
  • Presentation
  • Games exercise
  • Group activities
  • Role play
  • Question answer session

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