About Us

About Us

Rocket Media Network is India’s growing PR venture with a focussed approach for early stage business. The Public Relations venture formed with an objective of offering a resolute, practical, and measurable integrated communications programme. It has helped brands from across the world to realise their corporate communication requirements.

We help enterprises to adapt within the multi-faceted and rapidly-shifting ecosystem and is driving their communications to achieve maximum impac.

Rocket Media Network, we develop strategic and accurate plans for the way organisations communicate with the media and the public. Our Public Relations (PR) Services encompass various engagement strategies that create adequate knowledge about your brand position and your key offerings amongst the important stakeholders of your business. The communications programmes we devise help take your message out to the right audience through the most effective PR platforms.

In an age where the world is constantly inter-connected, it is imperative that the image of your business is well-crafted and managed with the greatest degree of professionalism and dedication. The ambit of our Public Relations agency will not only create a positive image for your brand in the market but will also help you sustain good relations with the media and the consumers at large. We keep tabs on every mention that is made of your brand and pull all stops to make sure every time your business is referred to, it is done in the most influential and positive manner possible.

The PR Services of Rocket Media Network help you keep up with emerging trends in your industry and ensure that the crucial organisational communications are present at the most visible and significant places. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to establishing your brand as a thought leader in its specific realm with carefully strategised positioning in media stories.

Our PR Consulting Services make optimal use of world-recognised brand building tools such as engaging and well-researched content, press releases, public and media events, conferences, media relations, digital presence etc.

Key Points :

  • We connected with 100+ online news Portals
  • We have a Strong Team of Content Writers
  • We offerring services in English , Hindi & Bangla languages
  • We offring Graphics Design for your needs

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